Create PhotoMosaic using tiles on flywith our near color intelligent algorithm.


Save As Image

Saving Blend as an Image

Trendy Mosaic Allows you to save your every Blend creation as an Image which in turn can be used to show up to your clients.

Blend Image

This is how the blend you saved as an image looks like. The Image is created from software with utmost clarity enabling you to see even the design of each tile with the Gap Size and its color.

Blend Presentation as an Image

This is a presentation report of the blend that shows you the image of the blend created and along with it shows up the total distinct tiles and percentage of each tile used up to create the blend.

Saving Gradation As an Image

Just like Blend you can save gradation too as a Image. You can save the complete presentation of the gradation as an Image too.

Save Mural As an Image

Trendy mosaic allows you to save a complete Mural and its presentation report as an image.