Create PhotoMosaic using tiles on flywith our near color intelligent algorithm.



Basic Geometric Shapes

Trendy Mosaic has been designed with the most basic Drawing tools that helps you create geometric designs will filled as well as empty shapes that includes circles, squares, rectangles, triangles etc. Choose your tile and start creating your design just like you are using the Microsoft Paint software.

You can also control on the pen size while creating the designs using this tool.

Color Tools

Apart from shape tools, this software is also designed with the basic color filling tools too. The tools are:

  • Color Dropper
  • Color Replace Tool
  • Area Filling Tool
  • Spray tool

Zoom In Zoom Out Tools

Create your Murals with utmost perfection by defining each tile of the canvas with the Tile level zoom in facility. You can also Zoom Out and get the look of the design when seen as a whole design from a distance. Rendering and designing big Mural designs with this software and its tools are just what you need.

Adding Blend and Gradation

Murals are just not limited to customized designs. You can incorporate your blends and gradations into a mural too. Select the area where you need to fill in your blend or gradation and with the Blend and Gradation Filling Tool you can easily pour your designs in Mural.