Create PhotoMosaic using tiles on flywith our near color intelligent algorithm.


Custom Tiles

Tile Gallery

Every Mosaic Creation needs the most basic thing and that’s your glass mosaic tile. Categorize your tiles into different groups where you can specify every minute detail of each tile starting from its weight to adding up its variants.

Add a Tile

Uniquely define your tile pallet by adding new categories and segregating your tiles into them. Over and above this you can specify Name, Weight and Amount for each tile which will in turn detail up the fixing reports of the mosaics you create from this software.

Adding Tile Variants

Trendy Mosaic facilitates you with the added feature to add variants of each tile. This variant can be a a color variant or a pattern variant or a design variant. You can add multiple variants for each tile in your pallete. With this feature your Blend/Gradations/Mosaics will automatically include variants of the selected tiles to add a uniqueness to your design and creativity.