Create PhotoMosaic using tiles on flywith our near color intelligent algorithm.


Canvas Size

Canvas Size

Trendy Mosaic doesn’t just let you create fascinating mosaic designs it also lets you define you’re the canvas size where you would be applying the mosaics. This canvas size is used up to define your fixing reports.

The basic details you can define for your canvas:

  • Name Of the Project
  • Tile Size in mm
  • Gap Size in mm

Every property can be changed later on also from then Mosaic Property Menu


You can set the gap color for the Mural you are about to design. The Color pallet facilitates you to choose colors from the pre-defined pallets or you can create up your color from the “Define Custom Color” section. .

Password Security

Trendy Mosaic has taken well care for the security of your Mosaic creation by enabling passwords into the Murals. Hence if you set password protection for your mural, every user will have to first enter the password for the Mural to gain access to it.

Canvas Dimensions

The key point of Trendy Mosaic is letting you define the actual Height and width of application area where your Mosaic Design is to be applied. Trendy Mosaic facilitates dimensions in Feet, Inches, Meters and centimeters as per your ease. Just mention the dimension and rest calculations are done by software.