Create PhotoMosaic using tiles on flywith our near color intelligent algorithm.


Personalized Presentation

Blend Presentation

Just Creating excellent designs does not sell your business. Trendy Mosaic gives you presentation reports for each design you create. The Blend presentation report displays the Blend created along with the tiles used in creating the design with respective percentages of the tile used.

Gradation Presentation

Same as Blend, Trendy Mosaic serves you with Gradation Presentation report too. Present you designs in a more effective way and what more, you can even store the presentation as a image too. The presentations are facilitated with Printing options also.

Mural Presentation

Create your own murals and with the present reports show the complete mural on one page to your customers. This presentation will include your designer’s name with your company name on it which will also show up the ownership of your designs.