Create stunning Tile Patterns and Glass Tile Borders.


Tile Pattern

Trendy Mosaic, Glass Mosaic Tile Designing Software, is outcome of years & years of very hard work to give Glass Mosaic Tile Industry what exactly they needed. Our development team kept on changing, but our core motives remained and each team has outperformed to meet industry expectations. We started development in 2003 and in year 2005, we were able to release first stable version. After that we have never looked back. We have continued adding features of features on demand from our user groups & that legacy will continue ever.

We are proud to serve you today's most matured version which has facility to create Glass Mosaic Blend, Gradation, Pattern, Repetition, Murals and Photomosaic. Core heart of the software lies in Fixing Report which makes life easier for fixing murals on walls. We give more than 6000 ready clipart gallery to serve your customer with creative ideas. We can surely say that most of the Glass Mosaic Tile Murals being designed and affixed in India are being designed using our software. We value our customers and their inputs in keeping Trendy Mosaic Glass Mosaic Tile Designing Software an ever evolving product.

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